Friday, March 16, 2007

Amtrak Interuptions Result from UP Trestle Fire

The trestle had completely collapsed last night at about 11:23, according to the News 10 story. The newspaper is saying that reconstruction will take "several weeks."

The California Zepher stopped several miles east of the fire yesterday. According to the Amtrak timetable, the No. 5 was already three hours late for its 2:15 p.m. arrival at the Sacramento Valley Station at 5th and I Streets.

An Amtrak service alert said: "Please be advised that passengers traveling on California Zephyr Trains 5 and 6 may experience delays of approximately three to five hours due to freight congestion, speed restrictions and other operating conditions affecting its schedule."

I don't believe the alert has anything to do with the fire. As of 10 this morning, I couldn't find any news of the line closure on Amtrak's website.

I said on my first blog yesterday that the bridge was to the south of the river. It's located to the north and west of the Business I-80 bridge. I have corrected my first blog post.

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