Thursday, March 15, 2007

Union Pacific Trestle Fire Burns Near CalExpo

The Placerville, California Mountain Democrat reported on September 13, 1904:
Trestle 13 of the Diamond and Caldor Railroad was burned Friday last by a forest fire.
Trestle fires can stop railroad operation for several weeks. Though the newspaper didn't give any detail, the fire occurred during construction of the 34-mile line between Diamond Springs and Caldor. Construction likely slowed until the bridge was repair.

A similar fire in currently burning on the Union Pacific trestle leading north from the American River crossing. Thick, black creosote-spiked smoke is drifting skyward. The plume threatens communities to the east.

"Few details are available on the blaze that began burning just after 5:30 p.m. just west of Interstate 80 near Cal Expo," reported News 10 producer Jason Kobely. "The line is a major rail thoroughfare for Amtrak and other railroad transportation."

A UP spokesman told News 10 during special news coverage that the trestle is damaged sufficiently to close the bridge until repairs or replacement can be made.

The photograph is from the News 10 website.

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