Monday, March 19, 2007

The People's Railbus

Logging railroads are know for their ability to improvise speeders and railbusses out of most anything. It it's 49-year history, the Diamond & Caldor Railway owned a numbers of modified speeders. And its Railbus No. 10 is one of the most unique pieces of logging motive power in California.

So, it doesn't surprise us that a Romanian logging line would modify a Volkswagen bus for rail use. John M. Day posted this photograph from September 23, 2005 on The logger, R.G. Holz, still steams steam locomotive Corzia 1 on a 760-gauge mm line, built in 1986.

Here's what John has to say about the engine on "An R G Holz Company train of empty disconnected log boggies approaches the junction at Novat Delta. Wood burning steam regularly backs up the diesels on this 76 cm line that remains link n pin and without air or vacuum brakes (brakemen set hand brakes)."

Here's Bob Turner's look at Romania steam. The photos are reminiscent of American steam logging 50 years ago.

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