Monday, March 05, 2007

El Dorado Narrow Gauge by Marrory Hope Ferrell

I haven't seen El Dorado Narrow Gauge: The Diamond and Caldor Railway by Mallory Hope Ferrell (Pacific Fast Mail, 1990) on since late last August. My intent was to come home today and track the book, which had a starting bid of $34.95 and a Buy It Now price of $69.95.

When I got home this afternoon, I saw the book sold earlier this morning, about 10 hours after the auction was posted. The buyer scooped it up for $69.95. That's a fair price in my book since El Dorado Narrow Gauge often sells for over $80 on

We'd love to see Ferrell's classic re-printed and made available on the railroad book market. I personally believe that there's sufficient interest in the Diamond & Caldor Railway to warrant the expense of a second edition.

Sould Ferrell does decide to re-print the book, the El Dorado Western Railway Foundation would definitely sell it out of the engine house and on the website.

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