Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One Project at a Time

We rarely accomplish spectacular gains at the engine house. We tend to measure a successful weekend by the number of small projects the crew was able to finish. We've learned over the years that the Diamond & Caldor No. 4 is being assembled one piece at a time.

Progress is marked one tie at a time. Until we complete renovation of the Four-spot, we'll have to settle for small, measurable accomplishments. Visually, you don't see much progress from week to week unless you're intimate with the project.


We like to see sparks in the engine house! That means someone is working. On a typical Saturday six or seven volunteers gather at the engine house to work on three major projects, which include the Shay, the flatcar and Arnold.

Dale Mace is cleaning the weld on the dip stick for the oil tank. Since Dale joined the project in January 2006, he's become one of the most valuable team members. His skill as a welder and metal fabricator is in much demand during this phase of the restoration of the locomotive.

Jacob Karoly watches Dale install the locking clasp to the new lid for the oil tank. Jacob has been asking me if he can learn to weld. My first response was, "In time ..."

Then on Saturday, Jacob and Dale hit it off. Dale had a helper and Jacob will be able to learn a thing or two about working with metals in the coming months.

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