Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Oil Tank Filler Lid & County Fair

We plan on setting the oil tank on top of the water tank for the El Dorado County Fair next month. Doug Youngberg will be back from his new home in Oregon on June 2 to help the team lift the tank.

The plan during the county fair (June 14-17, 2007) is to move the Shay onto the tail track on Saturday, June 16. We will install the back-up light, water tank ladder, air compressor and dynamo onto the locomotive for display. When you walk into the museum from the fairgrounds, a beam of light will attract you back to the engine house.

Stop by and meet the crew. We'll be ready to answer any questions and encourage you to join the railway's effort to restore the Diamond & Caldor No. 4.

Dale Mace fabricated a new dip stick for the oil tank. Like many parts on the No. 4, the dip stick was missing when the project started in 1993.

The chain will be used to lock the dip stick in place after each day's run. Since a part like the dip stick is easily pilfered, makes sense to lock it in place at night. This saves us the effort it takes to fabricate a new piece when the first is stolen.

Keith Berry purchased this wire cloth basket from McMaster-Carr last month. He bought the model with dual grip handles. Since he was only able to buy a basket with 15-inch inside diameter, he had the basket reduced by about 3/8-inch by a professional welder.

Although we're certain Dale could've done the project, Keith wanted to keep Dale focused on fabrication of the oil tank lid. The welder also had special knowledge working with stainless steel.

It took Dale approximately four Saturday to fabricate the lid for the oil fill port. As with the dip stick, we will be able to lock the oil tank lid in the evening. I doubt the original lid had a locking device as the Diamond & Caldor never had to worry about pilferage or sabotage. It's a true concern for us in today world, however.

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