Friday, May 29, 2009

Removing the engine

On Memorial Day, the crew pulled the engine out of the Diamond and Caldor Railbus No. 10. We are getting ready to send the circa 1937 Waukesha engine up to Doug Youngberg's house in Oregon. Doug will rebuild the engine and return it to Placerville in the fall.

The crew had already removed the radiator and hood from the engine compartment. When welder Wayne Thorley builds the engine stand, he will include supports for the radiator. Doug will need the radiator when he tests the engine on the stand.

The first task was to move the flatcar out of the way. Keith Berry pulled it out into the parking lot while Mark Bruto kept trucks from crabbing.

Ed Cuhna, Mark and Keith first tried to lift the engine out of the railbus by attaching a lifting plate to the rear head. When Keith lifted the engine, they found that the center of gravity was too far back. The engine leaned forward into the forward engine mounds.

Ed and Mark removed the lifting plate and moved it to the center head on the engine. First, Mark had to take the plate to the machine shop and re-bore the holes to match the studs on the center head.

Keith re-positioned the forklift. Ed and Mark then rigged the chains to the lifting plate.

The crew then removed the engine out of the railbus. The engine behaved as expected. It tilted approximately 20 percent to the transmission. Here Mark guides the engine as Keith backs the forklift.

Mark and Ed steadied the engine as Keith drove it to the front of the engine house.

The crew blocked the engine in front of the engine house. The engine stand will be build with material that was donated by Barsotti Juice Company. Bill Rodgers was instrumental in acquiring the material. During the engine removal, Wayne welded plates for the steel casters to the bottom of the engine stand. Wayne and Mark are building the engine supports for the engine stand this morning.

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