Sunday, February 25, 2007

Railbus Engine Revisited

I have more clarification on the engine to the Diamond & Caldor Tally-Ho No. 10 Railbus . In the past month, I have mistakenly reported it was a Waukesha, Studebaker and Stewart. According to most published sources, the original engine in the Railbus was a Waukesha.

Many of these same sources, like Malory Hope Ferrell's El Dorado Narrow Gauge: The Diamond & Caldor Railway (Pacific Fast Mail: Edmonds, Wash., 1990), report that the second engine was a Studebaker.

I said on February 3 that Ed Cuhna said that the engine was a Stewart (or Stuart) Marine engine. Once again, I was mistaken. Keith Berry and I have for the past several months saying the engine is a Stewart.

While there appears to have been such a brand, Ed Cuhna's visit to the engine house yesterday helped to clear the issue. Ed told Keith yesterday that the engine was made by Scripps Marine Motor.

As I reported on February 3, Ed discovered the engine's identity after web-based research effort.

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