Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Railbus Trailer Work

I had another very long day at work. So, I'll post these photographs this evening and return with more on Thursday. Dale Mace, our welder and metal fabricator, and EDWRF President Eric Stohl started work Saturday on the companion trailer to the Diamond & Caldor Railbus No. 10.

Dale's first task Saturday was to replace the two missing truss rod guides. Both missing guides were from the undercarriage.

Next, Eric ground the unthreaded end of the both rods. Dale created a mobile grinding wheel by holding the heavy duty grinder while Eric tapered the rod ends.

The tapered end of the turnbuckle bolt.

Dales uses a piece of angle iron to line the two pieces. He tacks the toe pieces to hold them in place, then completes the weld elsewhere.

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