Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hauling brush

I'm not sure if the crew worked yesterday. The forecast for the El Dorado County foothills called for a blanket of snow down to the thousand-foot level Friday night and Saturday morning. Instead rain soaked the foothills Friday morning. The moisture was gone by the time the cold front arrived Friday evening.

Here's picture of the crew hauling brush along the right-of-way:

Billy Bellas loads tree trimmings onto the Southern Pacific push car while Keith Berry supervises. The El Dorado Western Railway uses the speeder and push car to move tree trimmings from trackside down to our burn piles.

Since most areas on the right-of-way can only be accessed by rail equipment, the speeder is the most efficient way for it to move brush. Contrary to reports on Facebook and other websites, the railway does not use heavy equipment on the access roads to haul brush away from the right-of-way.


Anonymous said...

Why is your group leaving such a mess around the track after you replace the ties.. You guys are destroying the trail next to the track and leaving your old ties on the portion of trail that you have not ruined.. You are making it impossible for runners and walkers to use the trail.. It seems that all you care about is your train... Have some class..

Steven C. Karoly said...

The railway is making necessary repairs to the track, including cribbing and shoring up areas where the ballast has eroded away. The ties that you speak of were removed from the right-of-way over two weeks ago. There may be one or two ties along the right-of-way between Oriental and Blanchard roads. Please feel free to move them out of the way if they impede traffic.

What trail are you talking about? If you have concerns about our work on the track, please come out and talk to the crew.