Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More on vegetation management work day

Here are a few thoughts from Folson, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association member Eric Olds. Keith Berry and Steven Karoly recently jointed the FEDSHRA so we can assist on the vegetation management project.

Our last work day occured Saturday, April 10.

Thanks to Ethan Doty, Spencer Doty, Keith Berry, Philip Rose, and new [FEDS] member Steven Karoly for joining me out on the line this past Saturday to continue clearing the brush in El Dorado County.

We had a great day with a hard working crew ranging from age 14 to well ... let's just say older....

Though the going was slow due to new growth and downed trees from the low snow storms we experienced this last winter, the size of the crew lent itself well to two teams of workers, each working from a HyRailer in cooperation to get ground level brush and branches in the canopy fouling the right-of-way.

Volunteers young and older shared in the tasks of cutting, hauling, driving, sharpening, etc. Young Spencer was eager and willing to learn from the more experienced members and even those more seasoned men learned the importance of identifying Poison Oak!

Of special note was the opportunity to work together with Keith Berry and Steven Karoly, new FEDS members who are also members of the El Dorado Western Railway Foundation in Placerville.

Much was discussed about how our two organizations can benefit from working together to preserve this beautiful line and Keith and Steven are to be commended for taking the initiative to begin solidifying a joint effort.

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