Friday, January 09, 2009

Body work on the Diamond and Caldor Railbus No. 10

As I said earlier this week, the crew made a significant amount of progress on the railbus last Saturday. These pictures show the work on the frame and body to the motor car.

We continue working as long as our equipment holds up. Welding stopped today just before noon when the wire feed to the MIG welder malfunctioned. Since a backup welder has been located, we should continue work in the morning.

These pictures show volunteer Wayne Thorley doing the bulk of the work on the railbus, which was built by master mechanic Arle Smith in the Diamond and Caldor shops, circa 1930. Keith Berry provided design and engineering backup to while Steve Karoly helped where needed.

Wayne sets up his next weld. We lifted the Millermatic MIG welder onto the deck of the railbus so Wayne could reach everything.

Wayne welds a piece of angle iron to the coupler pocket. Keith cut the pieces on the chop saw as Wayne prepared the surface for welding.

Wayne cuts a piece of the old window support away from the left side of the railbus. We're returning its configuration back to its 1953 design.

After watching Wayne weld for a day, I'm impressed by his talent.

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