Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mounting the Shiphon Elbow

Keith Berry, Eric Stohl and I started installation of the water tank siphon elbow last Saturday. We also laid the cribbing and cut it to size.

The plan was to complete as many smaller tasks as possible last week. These small tasks have a way of delaying larger projects (like mounting the oil tank today).

We quickly ran into difficulties when four of the eight existing nuts wouldn't break free. I quickly un-threaded the first four bolts in 15 minutes with my son's help inside the water tank. (None of the adults couldn't slip down the filler port into the water tank!.)

The remaining four bolts were hopelessly locked in place for the moment. Keith then handed Jacob an impact wrench. Keith and I quickly realized that he didn't have the experience to handle the tool with any real progress.

We gave up after two hours.

To complete the task, Keith returned Thursday evening with a friend who fit inside the water tank. Impact wrench in hand, Keith and Wayne were able to remove the remaining four bolts and nuts in 30 minutes.

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