Saturday, April 14, 2007

Worthington Duplex Steam Water Pump

Sometime back, the railway acquired a Worthington duplex steam water pump from the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers. We intend to mount it on the fireman's side running board. Although the No. 4 didn't carry this particular pump, they were common pieces of equipment on Shay locomotives.

According to railway vice-president Keith Berry, we're going to mount the pump on the running board in line with the sand dome. The sand dome is perched on top of the boiler just forward of where the tapered course ends.

The pump must be located where it won't interfere with the air compressor. We also need room on the running board to access the steam dynamo, which rests on top of the boiler between the smoke stack and sand dome.

The pump can be used to inject water into the boiler or to fill the water tank in an emergency.

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