Sunday, January 14, 2007

Slow Work at the Engine House

I've made the comment several times on this blog, "Today was another slow day at the engine house." The crew at the El Dorado Western has been going through a work slump since late November.

Like most slow periods, this one will pass as the weather warms and the tempo of work gradually increases until summer.

The four or five crewmen that have come to the engine house each Saturday work on an assortment of odd projects. Little work is being done on the Diamond & Caldor No. 4 or on Arnold at this time.

The first two Saturday this month have averaged five volunteers each. Dale Mace, Sam Thompson and Bill Rodgers are the only trainmen doing any productive work. Dale finished the third saw horse and matching saw stand yesterday. He is building the saw horse from discarded boiler flue pipes (pictured above).

The rest -- Eric Stohl, Keith Berry, Garrett Augustus and myself -- have spent our time talking about the future. Last week, Eric, Garrett and I spent an hour pacing out a layout for an 18-inch gauge rail line that we hope to set up at the county fair this June.

EDWRF board member Harold Kiser stopped by the engine house both Saturdays. Harold also serves as the president of museum commission. He and Eric surveyed the museum's "historic junk collection" in the shed on museum property.

We are looking forward to a productive weekend soon. Once the Sacramento-Elk Grove team returns from their long winter break, work will resume on the Plymouth switcher.

I have a newsletter to write. Keith will continue feeding parts into the bead blaster. And Eric and Dale will complete work on the first truck to the flatcar.

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