Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Extra Board

The Extra Board is a regular feature in The Dispatcher. We featured retired welder and volunteer Dale Mace in the summer 2006 issue ...

How many welders work with exposed forearms? Not many once the sparks start flying. But we know one who's fond of saying, "I don't own any short-sleeve shirts!" What does this have to do with the restoration of a 99-year old Shay, you ask? Lots.

Even when the thermometer tips the century mark, you’ll find Dale Mace, a retired welder who once fabricated armored cars for a living, sporting welder's hood, leather gloves and long-sleeve shirt. We've put him to work, long-sleeves and all.

Since coming on board in January, Dale has built three new corner braces for the Shay, installed corner supports and truss rods on the Railbus trailer and added multiple layers of metal to the original drive shaft slip joints.

So if you see a sparks flying in the hot Placerville sun, look for a long-sleeve shirt. That'll be Dale with torch in hand.

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