Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Color D&C Photos are Back on eBay

The two color photos of the Diamond & Caldor engine house and water tank have returned to They were snapped by J.C. Hammond on February 23, 1953.

The first, shows the D&C No. 4 Shay locomotive taking on water from the engine house water tank. At the time, the No. 4 had been the main yard switcher in Diamond Springs for about 20 years.

The second photo was taken a few feet to the north of the first. The No. 4 is in the barn in its usual spot, in the southern most stall. The Railbus No. 10 is also visible.

Both photographs are reprints and can be purchased for $14.99 each (with $2.50 for shipping). The seller's eBay store can be accessed here. "aRRts aRRchives" specializes in railroad reproductions.

According to the seller, the pictures are "8.5 x 11-inch digital color prints on Hewlett Packard premium plus glossy paper 35mm Kodachrome transparency scanned at high resolution with Nikon Coolscan V."

My copies of the photos arrived the other day. Three copies of each photograph are available for purchase this time.

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