Monday, August 28, 2006

More on Removing Arnold's Journal Boxes

On Saturday, August 19, Garrett Augustus and Ken and Scott Romine removed the two remaining journal boxes to Arnold Z. The process is fairly straightforward. Here how they do it:
  1. First, wipe the grease off the end of the axel.
  2. Remove the cotter pin (see first picture). The easiest way is to slip an old screwdriver through the loop and prey it out.
  3. Loosen the large nut at the end of the axel. If channel locks don't work, tap the nut with a pall pean hammer.
  4. Screw in six 5/8-inch studs.
  5. Get a chair. A 5-gallon bucket works well.
  6. Slip the journal box puller over the six studs and secure it in place with nuts.
  7. Screw the large center threaded rod in. This the rod that will pull the journal box off the axel. The center rod keeps things centered.
  8. Now you're ready to pull the journal box off.

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