Saturday, June 03, 2006

Clean Up Day & The El Dorado County Fair

Today was spend cleaning up for the El Dorado County Fair, which will be held June 15-18, 2006, at the fairgrounds on Placerville Drive in Placerville. Eric, Keith, Bill and I the engine house tidied up while Sam and Dave worked in the machine shop. Ken and Scott sanded and primed rusted spots on the Shay's oil tank.

Like any operation, junk accumulates everywhere. The Shay's running boards have become a convenient stowage location for nails, safety goggles engine parts.

The engine house will be opened from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day of the county fair in two weeks. And Saturday, June 17, is a regular work day. The Plymouth locomotive crew plans to pull remaining two the journal bearings off of the read wheel set. The machine shop crew will be working as will our welder and metal frabricator.

The fireman's side of the engine was so cluttered that we couldn't pass through. We now have a safety corridor around the engine's "backside."

The El Dorado Western Railway Foundation will be conducting a membership drive during the county fair. Annual membership cost is $35. The railway needs support from the community to continue restoration of the Diamond & Caldor Shay No. 4 and build the El Dorado County Logging and Railroad Museum.

Steve occasionally sets his camera down and helps.

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