Saturday, June 24, 2006

Shay Locomotive Update

During the county fair last weekend, people would tour the Engine House, and ask "When will it be operable"? Given we've been at this for 14 years, that's a great question!

Our best guess is akin to the question, "When does the train arrive?" Our answer is: "When we get there."

We would like to think operable status in two years, that depends on boiler and engine work being completed, so it's a lot to considerations things first, let's finish a number of small stand alone projects.

So, here is a list of projects for the next three months:

  • Water Tank mounts- we need to locate the new mounts, drill the holes, and install bolts until we drive the rivets.
  • Oil Tank mounts - fabricate 1/2 by 3 " L mounts, locate, drill, bolt.
  • Rear Ladder- fabricate mounting tabe from 3/8 by 2 " flat stock, bolt ladder to upper mounts once oil tank is located on the water tank, drill, bolt until riveting.
  • Steps - Locate hole locations, fabricate top plates, weld studs to top plates, and drill holes thru wood deck. Bolt and double nut.
  • Steam fire pump - locate on Fireman's side running board, drill holes, fabricate backing plates, and locate the correct size square head bolts/nuts.
  • Head Lights- finish making the wick riser for the oil headlight, send out the glass reflector for silvering, and have cover glasses made.
These projects should be finished by fall, and will greatly add to the engines appearance. Once we have all the locations ready, we will rivet everything in one day. Meanwhile, our machinists continue to build a valve shaper, more on this machine shortly!

Thanks to all who have encouraged us to ocntinue this community project. Many fair visitors remarked that they check on us each year to see how were coming along. Now, thanks to this Blog, anyone can see our progress as it happens!

Although we will not finish next year, we will celebrate the No. 4's 100th Birthday in April.

Steam Up!

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