Saturday, May 27, 2006

D&C Railbus Trailer 10T (Flatcar)

This is an up-date on the current work going on to return this "trailer" flatcar to operational status.

Although of light weight construction , this shop built flatcar can play an important role in our operations including track work, track fixtures, and carrying a small water tank. We have repaired the frame at the corners where a prior owner had started to install vestibule stairs for ridership. This work included side pieces, and diagonal bracing to prevent "racking" when in operation.

Our fabricating welder Dale Mace took care of this work in short order, he has really taken hold on the team. Dale and Eric Stohl also have replaced the truss rods to provide strength when loaded. This work done, we can now proceed to replace several bent hand brake rods, and fabricate a replacement brake wheel staff. We will also add some additional support bracing to attach the crane assembly to one end of the car. As mentioned, we are thinking of converting a non-railroad boiler to water tank service for emergency water and spot fire prevention.

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